Celebrity fleet upgrades to Edge Class design

Celebrity Edge The Retreat


We have lots of fans of Celebrity Cruises among our clients. With the launch of the Celebrity Edge, we keep getting asked if and when the rest of the fleet will be updated to reflect the Edge designs.

The answer is the process has already begun. The Celebrity Millennium and Summit have already been refurbished (Celebrity calls it the “Revolution”), and the schedule below shows how it will roll out across the entire fleet.



This isn’t just a minor fluff and paint. It is a major $500 million fleet-wide renovation. Every stateroom in every ship will be updated to the more contemporary designs of the Edge.

The changes will be noticeable everywhere. The palate is warm and pleasing. The level of sophistication can be seen throughout the ship. Gone are the cheap discount sales in the hallways, in are more elegant shops. Celebrity was always upscale, but it has upped its game in a grand way.

Aside from the aesthetics, suite guests will notice and enjoy some of the biggest changes with the addition of the new Retreat Lounge and Retreat Sundeck. But all guests will appreciate the more contemporary changes to the staterooms, restaurants and bars.

On the dining front, Oceanview Café has been redesigned with an open, airy, marketplace-inspired design offering guests island after island of international delicacies, while the already-stunning Main Restaurants has undergone a beautiful redesign, with new textures and new finishes added throughout. Qsine will be on all ships along with the gimmicky animated Le Petit Chef.


All of the bars have been nicely updated. Fortunately and wisely, Celebrity did not change the structural design of the Martini Bar to mimic the Edge’s Martini Bar which we think has been one of the major missteps with the Edge design. On the Summit, It is just as intimate as it has been which will be a welcome relief to those who enjoy it.  In addition, the Gastrobar has been expanded to include 40 craft beers, creative cocktails and gourmet comfort food.


The Retreat Lounge has been added to the Summit, and will be on the Solstice Class ships too. This new light and airy lounge replaces the dark and underused Michael’s Club. The relaxing and secluded Retreat Sundeck has been added with ample seating and space. No more fighting for lounge chairs. No music blaring. Just a quiet retreat to relax.


We welcome this revolution and we think Celebrity’s loyal followers will too. Celebrity has taken the best of the Edge to the rest of its fleet, but keeps enough of the Solstice and Millennium Class ships that will keep the Baby Boomers and Gen Xers happy. Our take is that the Edge Class ships were designed to pull in Celebrity’s next generation of cruisers – the Millennials.

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