Our customers expect exceptional service and worry-free vacations. We deliver that to each and everyone who books their travel through us as part of our “Ultimate Dream Vacation Package” starting at only $150/cruise and $250/land vacation (highly detailed and/or structured request can cost more). Additional VIP services are available at an additional cost.

Our 18 point “Ultimate Dream Vacation Package,” exclusively from Sophisticated Travel

Pocket Travel smartphone app

Pocket Travel app

1) “Pocket Travel” smartphone app

This iPhone or Android app gives you your complete itinerary at your finger tips. It can be viewed online or offline. Your complete itinerary, is listed by day for all reservations including airline, ground transfers, hotels, port stops for cruises, excursions, local activities, etc. In addition, you’ll receive automated flight notifications delivered to your smartphone including gate changes and delays on the day of your flights. The app has a documents folder where we’ll store copies of your all reservations and travel insurance documents.

2) When problems arise our close relationship with suppliers means more clout for you

We are part of a large travel consortium (Signature Travel Network) giving us more clout which translates into direct access to the top management of cruise lines, travel and tour operators, and hotels. Because we book more vacations & cruises in a day than you book in a year, we are able to resolve many issues that an individual, regardless of their status, cannot. This is vital when a problem arises as we saw during the Covid-19 pandemic.

3) We work for you – not the cruise lines, hotels or tour operators

A cruise line reservation agents’ job is to fill their ships. This means selling every room, even those under the gym or above the theater or dance club. Online travel sites only want to sell you their vacation packages. Our job is to work with you to find the ideal vacation or cruise for you. Our goal is to deliver the best service and experience so that you become a life-long client.

4) Hotel selection

We’ll offer hotel recommendations based on your personal preferences, which part of town you want to stay in, and the level of service and accommodations you prefer.

5) Continuously monitor cruise fares for price drops

Once you book a cruise with Sophisticated Travel, we continuously monitor the cruise fare for a price drop. We’ve been able to save our clients hundreds of dollars as an on-board credit, in additional amenities, or a reduction in the cruise fare. Costco, Expedia and the cruise lines don’t do this for you.

6) Excursion & sight-seeing selection assistance

We will offer excursions and sight-seeing recommendations based on what we’ve learned through our consultation process. We offer VIP customized excursions and experiences for those seeking the most luxurious, private and/or highly tailored experiences.

7) Flight arrangements

We can make or assist you with flight arrangements including those using frequent flyer miles. Whether we book it for you or you book it yourself, we’ll include it in your “Pocket Travel” smartphone app so you’ll have your entire itinerary and travel documents at your fingertips.

8) Quarterly or monthly payment options

If you wish, we can set up a quarterly or monthly payment schedule before final payment at zero interest and no extra cost.

9) 12 month financing option

If you’d like to finance your balance at final payment, we offer 12 month financing through our Uplift partner. Finance charges are typically significantly lower than credit card rates depending on your credit score. We can check your APR, payments and all other terms with a soft credit check. A hard check isn’t added to your credit history unless you elect to proceed with the loan.

10) Manage final payments

We’ll notify you in advance and process your final cruise payments.

11) Printable PDF itineraries for your luggage

We’ll prepare a printable PDF of your itinerary to be placed in each piece of checked luggage. That way, if your bags become separated from you (temporarily lost by the airline), this itinerary will assist the airline in getting your luggage to you and your ship or travel destination.

12) Country guides

Shortly after booking your cruise, we’ll send you a country guide for each country you’ll visit. This guide will have information about visa requirements to enter the country, health and safety information (including vaccination requirements), electrical voltage and currency information, as well as some general information about the country.

13) Local destination guides

Around 90 days before your vacation, we’ll send you a detailed local guide for each city you’ll visit (for major cities). These guides are personalized based on what we’ve learned during our initial consultation, plus our years of working with you. The guides can run 30 – 50 pages depending on the city. Guides include city facts, points-of-interest, things-to-do, shopping, restaurants, and nightlife.

14) Re-verify hotel reservations

No one wants to arrive at a hotel and be told there is no reservation. To prevent this, 1 week before your vacation begins we’ll re-contact your hotel to re-confirm your reservation to avoid problems.
Country Guides provided by Sophisticated Travel

Country Guide

15) Track cruise loyalty, airline frequent flyer and hotel loyalty program numbers

We’ll keep track of your loyalty numbers for your favorite cruise lines, hotels and airlines and add them to your reservations for you.

16) Track your preferences

We’ll keep track of your preferences and automatically apply them to future vacation plans.

17) Arrangements for special needs

We are here for you to assist with any special needs you might have. Whether these are medical or mobility needs, or arrangements for special events, we have the contacts to make it happen.

18) Support, assistance and advice

We will be there for you before, during and after your trip. Please don’t hesitate to ask any question. We enjoy chatting with you and answering anything that crosses your mind.

Plus we offer a “Satisfaction Guarantee”

If you are not 100% satisfied, we will gladly refund this professional fee, while handling the booking and details of your trip.

All of this is included in our “Ultimate Dream Vacation Program.” We also offer VIP services at an additional charge for those wanting extra services such a tickets, golf outings, VIP meet-and-greet at airports, special pillows, pre-stocked mini bar with preferred brands, luggage handling, and highly detailed and/or structured vacation requests.

Plus, I’m just a phone call or email away should you have any questions or needs. So sit back and enjoy your dream vacation.

Miscellaneous fees for routine round-trip airline tickets:
Domestic: $35/passenger
International: : $50/passenger

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So how to choose the right vacation for you?

Picking the right vacation is a decision with many variables: which hotel, cruise line or tour company is right for you, which destinations interest you, what are the demographics of fellow travelers, what are the service standards, what activities are available, and most importantly exactly what do you desire from the experience. We want you to make an informed, intelligent buying decision where you get the best value for your money! We work with our clients to ensure the vacation or cruise they choose is right for them and those traveling with them.

The world awaits you and we look forward to assisting you in choosing the exact right adventure on the waters or land for you and your companions!

Let’s chat and find the right vacation for you.

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