Brian Raymond

Founder & Lead Agent


Thank you for visiting Sophisticated Travel today. I am always excited to make new friends and meet new travelers. I am honored to be able to share with you my greatest passion – TRAVEL! I can still vividly remember the first cruise my husband and I took back in the 90’s. From the moment I stepped foot into the grand atrium, I felt like I was a millionaire, and that is how we should all feel. Or our first stay in a luxury resort in Hawaii where our room attendant make us feel like royalty by anticipating all of our needs.

​​Over the many decades I’ve been traveling, I’ve watched the travel & cruise industry change and expand dramatically. Do you know there are over 60 land vacation companies and 400 cruise ships! Today’s vacationers have a myriad of options at every price point and level of service possible. All of these options can be overwhelming and because of this most vacationers end up sticking with something they know because it is easy. But they are missing out of so many other exciting options.

There is a better solution and that is where I come in. I work in a consultative process with you to learn what your dreams are, what you’d like to experience, how you like to travel, how you like to spend your time, and what you’d like to discover. Sophisticated travelers want to continually grow and discover. By truly understanding what you’d would like from your vacation, I can craft the right experience on the right ship that will delight you.


​I don’t operate like typical travel agencies. I am a travel concierge offering enhanced services and experiences to make your cruise and vacation worry and stress-free. I will provide you with additional tips and information tailored to your needs and interests.


The key to my success is understanding what you value – not just selling you any cruise. I’ve found value is defined by how you weigh the importance of these key factors – the quality of the service provided, the cuisine served, the quality of accommodations you prefer, the atmosphere onboard, the sociability on the ship, entertainment/enrichment options, the type and variety of destinations, the activities you value and want to experience onboard and in ports, and time in terms of when and how long you want to cruise. These factors are balanced against the price. Understanding how you value each of these determines the most appropriate cruise for you.

Whether you are looking for new destinations, want to experience a different cruise line, are a first-time cruiser, want to travel with friends, or whatever your needs are, we will find your perfect match.

With over 30+ years delivering award-winning customer service, and with an unwavering dedication to delivering a vacation of a lifetime tailored to your style and unique interests, I look forward to building a long relationship with you.

My goal is simple – to deliver a vacation experience that fulfills all your dreams and creates a lifetime of memories, as that first trip did for us.

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So how to choose the right vacation for you?

Vacations are an investment! With literally thousands of options, choosing the right vacation and the best value is difficult to sort through. That’s where I bring my 12 years of travel experience and expertise to do this right, and get you the best value for your money. With the backing of the largest travel consortium behind me, we have options you can’t find online. Plus our work just gets started once we book your dream vacation. Chat with us to learn more.

The world awaits you and we look forward to assisting you in choosing the exact right adventure on the waters or land for you and your companions!

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