This is your definitive guide to Celebrity Cruises. Celebrity Cruises is a definite step up from the mass market ships featuring a more sophisticated, modern, and elegant atmosphere. ​As a “premium” cruise line positioned between the mass market and luxury lines. Celebrity’s suites offer a perfect bridge for those looking to experience a more upscale experience but at a more affordable price.

Celebrity had been known for its professional service, fine food, and elegant design, but since Covid-19 its reputation for quality cuisine and service has declined substantially, while add on prices, price increases and up charges proliferate.

Celebrity’s ships are designed primarily for adults. Each ship has several specialty restaurants available for an up-charge, and sophisticated bars. There is a very well-equipped spa, salon, and fitness center on each ship. Modern photography, sculptures, and art can be found throughout the ships. Butlers are provided in all suites.

While Celebrity was once an excellent cruise option, we are looking for alternatives.

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Should you choose Celebrity Cruises

Yes, if you want/value

  • An upscale and sophisticated atmosphere
  • A more sedate and tranquil environment than mass-market cruise lines

No, if you want/value

  • ​Water slides, kids pool and play area
  • A large children’s program
  • A large variety of daily activities and events
  • A very active or energetic atmosphere
  • A true luxury experience throughout the ship
  • An elevated cuisine experience


Celebrity suites offer a more upscale and luxurious experience. They are a great option if you’d like to taste luxury service and accommodations, but at a more affordable price while enjoying the benefits of a larger ship – large production entertainment, a large variety of restaurant options, a younger crowd (average age 45 – 55) with more activities available onboard. Suites have access to a private restaurant, Luminae, which serves 5-star quality food with excellent service. Suites also get free high-speed WiFi service, the “Premium” alcohol beverage package, and onboard credit. Celebrity included pre-paid gratuities for suite guests until 2024, now suite guests (and all others) are charged an additional fee for gratuities at the end of each cruise – a definite disappointment and a step in the wrong direction for Celebrity. In addition, on all ships that have been renovated to the Edge Class standards, suites guests have a private Retreat sundeck, pool, and hot tub, with a private poolside bar, as well as the Retreat Lounge.

As mentioned above, all guests are now charged for gratuities at the end of each cruise.  Also, Celebrity now heavily advertises prices that do not include WiFi, or the Classic Bar package, and they push non-refundable cruise fares.

Unfortunately, post-Covid, Celebrity’s quality and service as slipped quite a bit as the line appears to be cutting costs to enhance its bottom line. Celebrity has moved from promoting its “All included” perks, to non-refundable bare-bones cruise fares which don’t include any perks. This marketing strategy pulls a different guest demographic, which undermines its efforts to boost itself into an upscale cruise line. Bar prices have been raised, the quality of food has been reduced, the Martini Bar pours Espresso martinis from a canister rather than crafting them by hand, and more things have up charges or are not included in the base fare.

The Edge Class ships are Celebrity’s newest class of ships. The Solstice Class ships were designed to target Baby Boomers and Gen X, while the Edge Class ships (and future ships) shifts more towards Millennials.

Celebrity was one of our go-to cruise lines. But its focus on reducing its costs by reducing the quality of its food, service, and loyalty programs has our clients requesting other lines.

Your Onboard Experiences


CelebrityEdge-class ships have four main dining rooms, each with slightly different cuisine orientations. The food quality is good, but certainly not exceptional or inspiring. You’ll find several specialty restaurants available at an extra charge. The buffet offerings are acceptable with a wide variety of items from around the world, but tend to be frequently overcooked. Luminae is an exceptional restaurant reserved for suite guests only at no extra charge serving 5-star cuisine.


There are several specialty dining rooms on each ship. All are available at an additional upcharge plus an automatic gratuity. Specialty dining packages are available for 3 or more dinners at a discounted price. Prices for dinner range from $45 – $75 per person plus automatic gratuities. Click for the 2023 price list.


Coffee, ice tea, milk and some juices are included in dining areas. Celebrity offers a variety of drink packages for alcoholic beverages and spirits, wine, specialty coffees and/or soda. For suite guests, the Premium drink package is complimentary. Guests who book the “All included” cruise fare receive the Classic drink package, but in 2024 drink prices were increased, and many drinks are now priced beyond what drink packages cover. Sadly, Celebrity no longer publishes prices for its drink package and instead varies the per-day price based on the individual cruise, how fair does that sound to you!


Celebrity offers impressive production shows, singers, bands, aerial acrobatics, and comedians targeted towards an adult audience on Solstice Class ships.

On Edge Class ships production shows have been reduced and the entertainment has shifted towards Millennial tastes. Solstice Class ships have a wide variety of bars where it is easy to meet fellow passengers and exchange stories. On Edge Class ships the number of bars has been reduced and the physical layout is less conducive to social interaction.

There are a number of presentations, lecturers, and training on the ship. However, virtually all are geared to selling you something.


Celebrity’s Spa & Fitness Center offers a full range of services. The Spa offers a variety of massages, skin care, acupuncture, aesthetics, and body wraps. Manicures, barber services, pedicures, teeth whitening and hair styling is available in the Salon. The fitness center includes treadmills, rowing machines, stair climbers, recumbent bikes, ellipticals, cross trainers, and free weights, plus a jogging track, sport court, and a full suite of state-of-the-art cardio, core, and weight training equipment for every fitness level. You can join one of many daily group fitness classes or have a personal consultation with a wellness professional on exercise, diet, and lifestyle. Wellness services for mindful dreams, detoxing your diet, benefits of sleep and healthy skin are available from the Spa.


The median age bracket on Celebrity Cruises is in the 40s & 50s. Most guest are adults and there a few children. During Spring Break and over the Summer, especially in the Caribbean, it skews younger and has more children.​ European and cruises over 7 days will skew older. Most fellow passengers will be from North America, better traveled, and more global than on mass market cruise lines.


Smart Casual is the dress code for most nights.
Women should feel comfortable wearing:

  • Skirt, pants or jeans with a casual top

Men should feel comfortable wearing:

  • Pants or jeans with a short sleeve sport shirt.

Evening Chic – Celebrity has eliminated Formal Nights and replaced them with Evening Chic. All cruises that are 7 nights or longer will feature two Evening Chic nights. Any cruise 6-nights or shorter will feature one Evening Chic night. All other nights of the cruise will feature Smart Casual attire. Celebrity Xpedition will continue to feature casual attire for the entire cruise. During Evening Chic, women should feel comfortable wearing:

  • A cocktail dress
  • Skirt, pants or designer jeans with an elegant top

Men should feel comfortable wearing:

  • Pants or designer jeans with a dress shirt, button-down shirt or sweater
  • Optional sport coat or blazer


All ships offer high-speed Internet service packages. It offers two packages. The Basic package if you choose an “All included” cruise fare. It is perfect for browsing the Internet and getting your emails. The “Premium” upgrade package allows you to browse websites faster, stay in touch with video calling, and stream your favorite TV shows and movies.

Use your own smartphone, tablet, or laptop to connect, or use one of the ships workstations in the Celebrity iLounge which is open 24 hours a day.

Choose from either Internet package to suit your needs. The Starlink high-speed Internet is available on all ships, except Celebrity Xpedition®, which offers Wi-Fi in public areas. “Premium” WiFi access is free to suite guests.


With Celebrity’s changes in 2024, pre-paid gratuities are no longer included for any guests – neither suites nor other staterooms.

An 18% gratuity is automatically added to spa, salon, bar and mini-bar purchases.

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