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What’s included on a river cruise? Is it all-inclusive?

One question that always comes up about river cruises is "What's include in the cruise price?" Well it depends on the river cruise line. Some river cruises are more all-inclusive than other. It is a way for some cruise lines to differentiate themselves. It is also a way for some lines to offer a lower price, or for the unsuspecting, the appearance of a lower price. So before booking a river cruise, be sure to make sure you understand what is included. What's included in the base fare shouldn't be the only consideration. But for some it is an ......

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Mississippi riverboat cruises are taking off – This book tells you why!

Courtesy: American Queen Steamboat Company About two weeks ago I was asked by Sunny Lockwood to read and review her new book “Cruising the Mississippi.” The book was written with her husband Al and will be released in October 1, 2019 (it is available for order on Amazon as well as Barnes & Noble). I received the pre-publication copy Friday and began reading it immediately. ​For those who have wondered whether a Mississippi river cruise would be right for them, this book paints a vivid picture of Sunny and Al's cruise experience on the American Queen paddle-boat and through ......

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