What are “non-comm” or “non-commissionalbe” (NCF or NCCF) fees

COMPONENTS OF A CRUISE FARE​ When you receive a quote or purchase a ticket for a cruise, there normally up to 5 components to the price: 1) Room or Voyage fare (the cost or fare for the stateroom/cabin) 2) Non-commissionable fees (NCF) 3) Governmental taxes and fees 4) Gratuities (optional, but depends on the cruise line) 5) Travel insurance (optional) WHAT DOES NON-COMMSSIONABLE FEES MEAN? The most confusing component is “non-commissionable fees.” What does “non-comm,” “non-commissionable,” or “NCF” fees mean? They are called “non-commissionable fees” (NFC) because the travel agent is not paid a commission on those fees. So ......

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New financing program lets you travel now and pay later

"Uplift" Vacation Financing Offered by Sophisticated Cruising Have you ever found that dream cruise that you've always wanted, but you didn't have all the funds right now to pay for it? Or maybe you wanted to try the "suite life" and didn't think you could afford it? Well, with our new financing program by Uplift, you can finance your vacation over 12 months at a very competitive rate - usually much better rates than credit cards offer. What is it? It is a fast lending program that gives you an instant credit decision so you can finance your cruise ......

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Secret advantages of using a travel agent to book a cruise

​Are you tired of your usual land vacations? Have you thought about trying a cruise for the first time? Great! All you need to do is make a reservation and put a deposit down. While you might think it is best to browse thru the cruise line website, find a cruise you like and then call their reservation line or start booking online. But how can you be so sure that you’re getting the best value for your money? What if there’s another option to get the best cruise deals? Or better yet, the best cruise value! ​ Here’s ......

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10 reasons to love cruising

IT'S CRUISE TIME... Still skeptical if cruising is the right choice on your next vacation? Let us take you through ten reasons and have an idea on why everyone is raving about cruises! 1. When planning is not your thing – cruises got your covered ​Nowadays, cruise vacation packages are almost all-in. You don’t need to bother with hotel searching, hours spent online organizing, or the transport in between the destination anymore. For a cruise, all you need to do is (1) talk to your travel agent (Sophisticated Travel), (2) tell us how long you want to go for ......

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What is a guaranteed cabin or stateroom? It’s a gamble.

​ Azamara Continent Suite What is a guaranteed cabin? ​Most people booking a cruise choose to select their specific stateroom (cabin) when they make their reservation and pay the initial deposit. There is another option. You can book a “guaranteed stateroom” which guarantees you a stateroom in the category that you purchased. The room is not assigned until some future date (which varies by cruise line). ​What are the advantages of a guaranteed cabin? ​Why would people opt for a “guaranteed stateroom” versus selecting a specific cabin? Because if you reserved a “guaranteed cabin” and that entire ......

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