Still skeptical if cruising is the right choice on your next vacation? Let us take you through ten reasons and have an idea on why everyone is raving about cruises!

1. When planning is not your thing – cruises got your covered

​Nowadays, cruise vacation packages are almost all-in. You don’t need to bother with hotel searching, hours spent online organizing, or the transport in between the destination anymore. For a cruise, all you need to do is (1) talk to your travel agent (Sophisticated Travel), (2) tell us how long you want to go for and what type of climate and off you go! It’s that easy – everything else is handled for you!

2. Never feel like you left land 

Cruise ships are designed to look and feel like a floating hotel or city so you don’t have to worry that you might get panic attacks by being stranded in the middle of the sea. Along with the fun onboard activities you can get busy with like gym, spas, pools, theaters, bars and restaurants, there are also shopping places you can enjoy and other facilities you can avail of such as medical centers and laundry shops.

3. Wake up to a new place every day

Do you love traveling but hate the constant unpacking? Wish you don’t have to drag your heavy luggage with you on each tour? Or how about the need to always hurry to catch the train or ferry schedules? With cruising, you won’t need to worry any of such things. You get to stay in the comforts and luxury of a 5-star hotel while being in multiple destinations in just one tour – plus your suitcases are safe onboard and need not be moved until the tour ends.

4. Fun for ALL ages

Let’s face it – generation gap is a real thing. What you find fascinating to do may not appeal to your parents or your teenagers, and might not be friendly to your toddler. If traveling with the family, a cruise is a great choice if you want to keep the peace with the tots, teens and even grandparents. Separate play areas are provided for the kids, a cool hangout place for the teens is also in a nearby distance and certainly pools and bars are there for the adults. Everyone will surely have fun doing their thing in the morning and will be in a very good mood for a dinner quality time with the whole gang in the evening.

5. Cruise ships in all shapes and sizes

Everybody has a preference when taking a vacation. You might want to have some quiet time for once or maybe want to go all out social and be with a lot of people. Good thing cruise ships varies in shapes and sizes. There are mega ships that houses onboard rock-climbing and outdoor mega theater like the 5,400-passenger Oasis of the Seas. There are also intimate ships that offer upscale and cozier ambience like the 12-person river ships French Country Waterways. There are also expedition ships, luxurious ships and minimalist sailing ships that can cater to whatever experience you want on a cruise.

6. Fun is Literally guaranteed

Since cruising takes long sailing hours, the ships are designed to keep YOU entertained at all times while on deck. You can chill and relax by hanging out at the lounges, do yoga or pamper yourself at the spa. You can also enhance your knowledge through the educational lectures, wine tasting, or the computer, language, pottery, and painting classes offered. You can also sample the sumptuous choices in the numerous dining venues or keep yourself entertained by watching a movie or see the live performances on board.

​Finally there is the GUARANTEE – some cruise lines have a guarantee that if cruising is not for you – they will send you home a refund you your money – can’t beat that!

7. Go to exotic places

Cruise ships can be adventurous too. See the world in comfort and easy way whether you want to see Asia, Caribbean or Middle East. There are group tours provided if you don’t like to fly solo on sightseeing. English tour guides are even available if you prefer to not be burdened with the language barrier.

8. Rekindle romance

The ocean breeze, the countless stars in the sky, the dances in the evening are nice set for a good romance. If you wish to spend long quality time with your spouses, a cruise tour is a great venue to do so. Honeymoon, wedding and vow renewal packages are also part of the services you can avail of.

9. Meet new friends

Going on a cruise is a great way to meet awesome people from around the country and the world. Onboard, you will meet new people everywhere – at the dinner table, lounges or by the pool. Your kids can have a chance to be social too as they can meet kids of the same age on the kid-friendly amenities and activities provided.

10. Great value for your money

Majority of the expenses are already inclusive in the fare – food, accommodations, entertainments, and transportation between the destinations. Compared to typical hotel and dinner reservations, a $100 per person per night spending on a cruise ship is cheaper and a very good deal. Some cruise lines even offer free or discounted rates for kids, alcohol and soft-drinks inclusions, onboard spending credits and even packages bundled with airfare. With such diverse offerings, you will not get any surprises that will drill a hole in your pocket.

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