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Celebrity announces new “Always Included” pricing program – Well, not always

UPDATED October 4, 2023 - Celebrity has changed its promotion once again. Now its "All-Included" package includes ONLY the Classic Beverage and Basic WiFi. No longer are gratuities, nor onboard credits (OBC) included. All guests, including suites, will now have to pay gratuities. Celebrity claims it will lower prices to reflect dropping these benefits, and that it will be cheaper for guests in the long run. However, the consensus of reviewers has been that this is not always the case. From our perspective, Celebrity is cheapening its brand and irritating its loyal clientele. For years Celebrity tried to promote ......

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New European entry authorization requirement (ETIAS) pushed back to mid-2025

UPDATED: November 1, 2023, to reflect new implementation date - mid-2025 Europe is one of the top tourist destinations for American travelers in part because of our history and heritage ties, but also because of the ease of travel. There are no complicated and time-consuming visa requirements for U.S. citizens to visit Europe. However, starting sometime in 2025, things will change just a bit. The start date has been pushed back several times. No exact start date has been set but officials have stated it will go into effect in mid-2025. ETIAS - Travel Authorization Requirement ETIAS, the new ......

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Delayed again – European Union will require new travel authorizations beginning in mid-2025

​Update: November 1, 2023 ETIAS REQUIREMENTS STARTS SOMETIME IN mid-2025 Originally the ETIAS system was planned to start on January 1, 2021. It has been delayed several times and now is slated to start sometime in 2024, but once again delayed until mid-2025 - although no specific date has been set yet.   THE EU IS NOT REQUIRING VISAS FOR U.S. CITIZENS There has been a bit of confusion this week over whether the European Union (EU) is imposing a new visa requirement for United States citizens. Currently, U.S. citizens holding a valid US passport can enter Schengen Zone countries ......

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