NOTE: Italy no longer requires the digital Passenger Locator Form (dPLF). Check with the countries to see if they require it. Or if they re-instate it.

Travelers to the EU may be wondering what a Passenger Locator is and why I need to complete it. Where do I find it and how do I complete it. This blog post will help to answer those questions.

Recently EU  member countries required all travelers entering the EU to complete a Passenger Locator Form as part of their Covid-19 health regulations. It is  a system that facilitates EU countries in contract tracing cases of Covid-19 and notifying those who might be exposed to Covid-19. The specific form varies by country.

You can find what Passenger Locator form is needed for each country you plan to visit at this site.

The online forms are FREE and can be completed online. Upon completion, some countries issue a QR code that can be displayed on your smartphone or you can print a hard copy.

What information is required

The forms will require legal names, home address and possibly your address in-country, telephone numbers, contact phone numbers while you are in their country, and travel information – your airline, flight number, and arrival date. Some forms, like Spain’s, are short 5 or 6 questions.  Others. Like Italy’s are several pages long with lots of places where it is easy to make a mistake.

Italy, Slovenia & Malta

The EU Digital Passenger Locator is used by Italy, Slovenia, and Malta. It is much more detailed, but still free – the video above shows the entire process for Italy.) Italy requires you to document all the flight legs, from your home airport to touch down in Italy, Then they want your complete home address, your birthplace, where you’ll be staying in Italy, and much more.

48 hours in advance minimum

Most countries require you to complete the form at least 48 hours in advance. If you don’t complete these forms, your airline may deny you boarding and your vacation will be ruined. Plus, if you have travel insurance, it won’t reimburse you for failing to complete the forms. We recommend you complete the forms two weeks in advance to avoid problems.

Once you complete the process, you’ll get a confirmation email with all the documents you’ll need to enter the country.

All of this is in addition to needing documentation of approved Covid-19 vaccinations AND, in many EU countries, a certificate of a negative test for Covid-19 taken within 48 – 72 hours, it varies by country, of arriving in the country.

To understand Covid testing, check out our article “Travel requirements for vaccinated US citizens entering the EU.”

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