With passport applications now taking 6 – 8 week to complete, more travelers are needing to use passport expediters. For an extra fee, expediters can reduce the wait time from 8 weeks to just days, even overnight.

FEDEX & RushMyPassport Partnership

FEDEX has teamed up with RushMyPassport to offer a new service which is available at over 2,000 FEDEX offices throughout the United States. While the U.S. State Department offers expedited passport service, it’s expedited program delivers you passport in 2 – 3 weeks. The new FEDEX service offers five ranges of delivery dates and prices from next day to delivery in 8 – 10 business days. This expedited service comes at a price.
Service Level
# Business Days
Renewal Passport
New Passport
24 Hour
Next Day
Priority Service
3 – 5
6 – 7
8 – 10
11 – 14
Plus government application fees up to

As you can see, the service is not cheap, but it is better than missing out on that vacation you’ve been planning for the past year. Plus travel insurance will not cover a trip cancelled because you forgot to keep your passport current..

“Many of us have experienced the distress of realizing our passport isn’t ready for an upcoming trip and, as a result, scramble to find a last-minute solution. This convenient service will help eliminate the confusion and common errors that often arise and help simplify the process,” said Kim Dixon, chief operating officer of FedEx Office. Applicants will be able to track the entire process online and FEDEX/RushMyPassport offer 24/7 assistance from passport specialist.

The applications can be completed and submitted at local FEDEX offices. Applicants will need to bring their proof of citizenship, their expired or current U.S. passport, a completed application, and 2 passport photos (which can be purchased at the FEDEX location).

While it is always best, and cheaper, to plan in advance. Sometimes little things like passport renewal days just slip our mind. In those instances, a passport expediter can save the say and the vacation.

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