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Coronavirus – my perspective

​Not surprisingly, I’ve been getting calls over the past few weeks about the coronavirus. It is an issue of concern that we should all take seriously, but not panic over. I am not a doctor and not giving medical advice. After reading many articles by health experts, the cruise line industry, and public health experts, here is my take on coronavirus: How Does the Coronavirus Affect My Cruise Plans 1) THE SITUATION IS CHANGING ALMOST DAILY This is a new virus and health professionals are still learning about how it spreads, who is most at risk, what treatments are ......

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30 essential things to do before you leave on vacation

If you are like most of us, the closer you get to your vacation, the more frantic things become. There is so much to do and the time seems to vanish. Start your planning early as some items can take time. To help you properly prepare for your vacation, here is our list of 30 Essential Things to do before you leave on your vacation: [ ] Verify if you will need a visa – Visa & Other Requirements [ ] Make sure your passport is good for 6 months beyond your return date [ ] Make color copies of your passport, ......

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Put smartphones in “Airplane Mode” before leaving the U.S to avoid hefty fees

​AVOID A $1,106 BILL ​Smartphones have become such a critical part of our lives that it seems second nature to want to take your phone along with you on vacation. Smartphones have all of your important contact information (friends, doctors, banks, family members, etc.), and once you find a free WiFi hotspot, using Google Maps in a foreign city can be a life and time saver. However, there is a dark-side to smartphones that many people find out about the hard way. I was reminded of this in an LA Times article where the writer had received a $1,106 ......

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Airport VIP concierges can let you skip the line

Jump to the front of the line at immigration & passport control ​If you've ever flown into one of the world's busiest airports, you know how miserable the immigration, passport control, and customs process can be entering a foreign country. We've waited hours in line at London's Heathrow. During high tourist season, expect long waits in Madrid, Amsterdam, Paris, Amsterdam and Milan of up to four hours. While TSA Pre-Check and Global Entry can speed you up in the United States, they don't help you overseas. But we have clients who don't want to wait for hours to clear ......

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