Checklist of 30 tasks to take before your vacation

If you are like most of us, the closer you get to your vacation, the more frantic things become. There is so much to do and the time seems to vanish. Start your planning early as some items can take time. To help you properly prepare for your vacation, here is our list of 30 Essential Things to do before you leave on your vacation:

[ ] Verify if you will need a visa – Visa & Other Requirements

[ ] Make sure your passport is good for 6 months beyond your return date

[ ] Make color copies of your passport, put a copy in your carry-on luggage and save it on-line

[ ] Stop your US Mail – US Post Office Vacation Hold Request

[ ] Stop your newspapers

[ ] Reconfirm your flights – 30 days in advance & 24 hours in advance

[ ] Get travel insurance

[ ] Set auto timer for lights so your house looks lived in while you are gone

[ ] Check power outlet/converters standards for the countries you will be visiting – World Electrical Info

[ ] Make sure your name on your tickets match your passport exactly (first, middle and last name)

[ ] Check your airline baggage limits – they differ between airlines

[ ] Research your destinations

[ ] Schedule the kennel for the pets a few months in advance

[ ] Place your itinerary inside each piece of luggage in case it gets lost

[ ] Withdraw currency from an ATM in country, it usually is the cheapest

[ ] Call your bank and credit card companies, tell them you will be abroad, where and when

[ ] Get local maps and guide books for your destinations

[ ] Make a list of “must do” activities, sites, restaurants, bars, etc., for each destination

[ ] Check the weather at your destinations & pack accordingly

[ ] Verify if you need any vaccinations – Vaccines & Health Warnings

[ ] Ask neighbor to watch the house, and to look for any deliveries

[ ] Give a neighbor and others your itinerary and contact info in case of emergencies

[ ] Reset thermostats (lower or raise)

[ ] Close curtains and windows

[ ] Prepay any bills that will be due during the vacation

[ ] Empty the refrigerator of anything that might spoil & take our the garbage

[ ] Water plants and check automatic watering systems

[ ] Make sure there are not any wet clothes in the washer or dryer

[ ] Make sure you have chargers for cameras, cellphones, and laptops

[ ] Print out a list of any medicines you take and put it in your wallet

Contact numbers for credit card companies:
MasterCard® 1-800-627-8372
VISA 1-800-847-2911
Discover 1-800-347-2683
American Express® 1-877-325-2639

With a little advanced planning you can ensure you will have a relaxed and worry-free vacation.

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