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Exploring Cruise Line Categories: From Mass-Market to Ultra-Luxury

"The Unvarnished Traveler" by Brian Raymond Choosing the right cruise line isn't easy Embarking on a cruise is a thrilling adventure, but with a sea of options, choosing the right cruise line can be as complex as navigating the ocean's tides. To help you steer in the right direction, this guide examines four main cruise line categories – mass-market, premium, entry-luxury, and ultra-luxury. As you journey from mass-market to ultra-luxury, you'll notice a graduated increase in prices reflecting the enhanced amenities, personalized service, and indulgent experiences offered. By understanding these categories, you can better chart a course for ......

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Crystal Cruises and a new name, Crystal, new website and a launch date

Crystal Cruises has announced its return with a new shorter name, ‘Crystal,” a new website, and new itineraries. Its first sailing is on the Crystal Serenity for a 12-day voyage from Marseille, France to Lisbon, departing on July 31, 2023. The Crystal Symphony’s first voyage will depart Athens, Greece, on September 1, 2013, for a 7-day cruise to Istanbul. ……

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Cruise ship refurbishments & stats

Updated: January 11, 2021 How recently a cruise ship has been refurbished is an important factor to many seasoned cruisers, especially if you are investing a significant amount in your cruise vacation. It can be very disappointing to find a ship with stained or worn carpets and beat up furnishings. Many cruisers prefer a ship that is no more than a few years from its last refurb. So here is a guide so you can be better informed on how recently a ship has been updated & upgraded. This list will be continually updated: ......

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Crystal Cruises to double Internet speed

One of the downsides of this modern connected world is that internet access has become critical for many  of us while on vacation. We no longer have the luxury of just disconnecting while on a cruise. Others need it to keep in touch with friends or family.Fortunately the cruise lines have been making significant investments to upgrade the quality and speed of internet access onboard modern ships. Crystal Cruises, an ultra-luxury cruise line, is increasing internet speeds for a second year in a row.​Crystal Cruises will double the speed of its onboard internet service this year, after doubling it last ......

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It’s time to consider a Northwest Passage expedition cruise

Courtesy of Travel Weekly ​As the global oceans continue to warm, new polar cruise routes are opening and several cruise lines are offering new and exciting expedition voyages.  Now passengers can cruise from Seattle through the Northwest Passage from Seward, Alaska, to New York City. Crystal Cruises began these sailing about two years ago. Since then Ponant, Silversea, Lindblad, and Hurtigruten have begun sailing the passage. Cruises typically run 12 – 21 days. ​THE LURE OF THE NW PASSAGE ​The draw of these luxury expedition cruises is the ability to experience the wild and primeval wonder of the Canadian ......

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