Venice bans large cruise ships sailing through the city

After years of protests and discussion, the Italian government has issued its bans on cruise ships sailing through Venice’s Giudecca Canal. These ships dwarf the ancient city and create waves that erode underwater walls & undermine the supports holding up the city. Cruise ships have long been sailing through Venice on the Giudecca Canal passing St Marks Square and several historic cathedrals. Ban on most cruise ships starts August 1 Starting August 1, 2021, cruise ships will be banned from using the Guidecca Canal. Instead they will traverse a southern lagoon and dock near the mainland at the port ......

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Venice redirects large cruise ships

What it means for you Italian officials announced this week that they will start redirecting large cruise ships away from the historic center of the city. These ships will no longer be able to cruise through the Giudecca Canal. As you can see from the picture above, these huge ships are so massive they obliterate the view of this charming city. Locals worry that the wake caused by these massive ships undermines the wooden poles which hold up this city. Others are concerned about the overcrowding these ships bring to Venice. Regardless of your position on these issues, the ......

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