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While Celebrity Cruises advertises a “relaxed luxury resort at sea” and offers suites that provide a near-luxury cruise experience, it falls short of being classified as a true luxury cruise line once you venture beyond the suite accommodations. Several factors differentiate Celebrity Cruises from luxury cruise lines, including the guest-to-staff ratio, food quality, personalized service, and the focus of its education programs.

With that said, Celebrity has been one of our top go-to cruise lines for our personal enjoyment, and we usually stay in a suite. But we fully understand that regardless of Celebrity’s advertising, it is not a luxury line for many reasons:

  1. Guest-to-Staff Ratio: Luxury cruise lines are known for their high level of personalized service, which is facilitated by a low guest-to-staff ratio. However, on Celebrity Cruises, the guest-to-staff ratio is not on par with that of luxury lines. While the service may still be attentive and professional, the higher ratio means that guests may not experience the same level of individualized attention and personalized service that luxury lines provide. This can be particularly noticeable at the bars where it can be challenging at times to get a cocktail.
    Luminae suites restaurant on Celebrity Edge class ships.

    Luminae Suites Restaurant

  2. Food Quality: Luxury cruise lines prioritize culinary excellence and offer exceptional dining experiences. While Celebrity Cruises offers a variety of dining options, including specialty restaurants, the food quality in its main dining rooms does not compare to the dining options found on luxury cruise lines. The selection and execution of dishes may not reach the same heights of creativity, sourcing of high-quality ingredients, and attention to detail that luxury lines consistently provide. The exception is in Luminae, Celebrity’s suites-only dining room. Here the food is mostly exceptional. We have found Luminae’s food quality to exceed that of Celebrity’s specialty dining room. In addition, the service in Luminae is far superior to the main dining room. Waiters learn their customers, greet them by name as they enter, and remember suite guests’ preferences.
  3. Personalized Service: True luxury cruise lines excel at anticipating and fulfilling guests’ needs and preferences, ensuring a seamless and memorable experience. While Celebrity Cruises provides good service, the level of personalized attention may not match that of luxury lines. Luxury cruise staff members often go above and beyond, remembering guests’ preferences, providing personalized recommendations, and fulfilling special requests. This level of personalized service is lacking on Celebrity Cruises.
  4. Education Programs: Luxury cruise lines often offer enriching educational programs that go beyond hyping shore excursions. These programs may include lectures, workshops, and classes conducted by experts in various fields. In contrast, Celebrity Cruises tends to focus more on shore excursions and affiliated shopping options, particularly with jewelry stores. While these can be enjoyable, they may not provide the same level of intellectual stimulation and educational depth offered by luxury cruise lines.
    Celebrity Edge Martini Bar

    Martini Bar

  5. Ship Design and Atmosphere: Luxury cruise lines often feature elegant and sophisticated ship designs that exude a sense of exclusivity and refinement. While Celebrity Cruises has modern and stylish ships, the overall atmosphere may lean more towards a contemporary and relaxed vibe rather than the refined ambiance found on luxury lines.
  6. Inclusive Amenities: Luxury cruise lines typically offer a range of inclusive amenities to enhance the guest experience, such as complimentary beverages, gratuities, and access to specialty dining venues. While Celebrity Cruises provides various amenities, they may be offered at an additional cost, which differs from the all-inclusive nature commonly associated with luxury cruises.
  7. Exclusive Access and Privileges: While Celebrity Cruises offers suite accommodations that come with certain privileges, the overall access and exclusive amenities available to suite guests may not be as extensive or exclusive as those found on luxury lines.
  8. Destination Immersion: Luxury cruise lines often focus on providing in-depth destination experiences, with unique itineraries and immersive shore excursions. While Celebrity Cruises offers a variety of destinations and shore excursion options, the level of destination immersion and tailor-made experiences may not be as comprehensive as those offered by luxury lines, which often emphasize cultural enrichment and authentic local encounters.

On a side note, I should point out that on Celebrity Solstice class ships, the Suite Sky category is right below the buffet. You’ll hear noises from the buffet late into the evening and very early in the morning. If you are a light sleeper, do not choose this category. Plus, as a general rule, always check out what is above and below your stateroom/suite to avoid noise.

It is important to note that while Celebrity Cruises may not be classified as a luxury cruise line, its suite accommodations can still provide a near-luxury experience. Guests staying in these suites may enjoy certain perks and amenities that create a more elevated experience compared to the rest of the ship. However, once outside of the suite, the overall cruise experience on Celebrity Cruises aligns more with that of a premium cruise line rather than a true luxury cruise line.

While Celebrity Cruises offers suites that provide a near-luxury experience, the overall cruise experience on the ship falls short of the standards set by true luxury cruise lines. Factors such as the guest-to-staff ratio, food quality, personalized service, and the focus on educational programs differentiate Celebrity Cruises from luxury cruise lines. It is essential for travelers seeking a true luxury experience to consider these factors when selecting their cruise line.

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