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Welcome to the world of Explora Journeys, the new luxury cruise line that sets sail this July. Designed with families in mind, Explora Journeys offers an inspiring and inclusive adventure for all ages. In this article, we will delve into the remarkable features that make Explora Journeys the perfect choice for multi-generational travelers. From thoughtfully designed accommodations to exciting activities and a commitment to environmental stewardship, get ready for an extraordinary journey filled with cherished memories.

Accommodations that Feel Like Home

Explora Journeys understands the importance of feeling at home while at sea. With a selection of 78 interconnecting suites, families can create their own “home away from home” experience. The Ocean Suites, Ocean Penthouses, and Ocean Residences offer spacious and comfortable living spaces, reflecting the highest standards of modern European craftsmanship and design.

Thoughtful Comforts for Families

Every detail matters to Explora Journeys when it comes to ensuring the comfort of families. The suites are meticulously designed to provide a welcoming environment for all. From dedicated bathrobes, slippers, and hangers for younger guests to cozy amenities like baby cribs, bed linens, blankets, and baby pillows, every comfort is considered to make families feel right at home

Spaces for Gathering and Relaxing

For extended multi-generational families or groups of friends, Explora Journeys offers a private social hub. Families booking a minimum of three or a maximum of four suites, with one suite being an Ocean Penthouse or Ocean Residence, can enjoy this exclusive space to come together and create unforgettable memories. Additionally, families with children benefit from special perks such as complimentary transfers to the ship and one under-18 passenger sailing for free in each suite.

Explora Journeys Astern Lounge

Astern Lounge

Indulge in Adult Tranquility

Parents also deserve some downtime, and Explora Journeys provides an exclusive haven for adult relaxation. The Helios Pool & Bar, reserved for adults, offers panoramic views, tranquil drinks, and leisurely swims. While this space is designed for adult tranquility, children are warmly welcomed in other public areas such as restaurants, lounges, pools, and bars. The culinary team is ready to cater to the preferences of younger guests, ensuring a delightful dining experience at any time of day.

An Adventure of Discovery for All Ages

At Explora Journeys, a family adventure is all about sharing, caring, learning, and exploring. Children can embark on “edutainment” activities that not only entertain but also provide educational value. Imagine their excitement as they visit a space center and are hosted by an astronaut or join a thrilling whale-watching adventure brought to life by riveting stories from a marine biologist. Explora Journeys is committed to creating an enriching experience for children of all ages.

Explora Journey Nautilus Club

Nautilus Club

Nautilus Club A Haven for Young Explorers

The Nautilus Club is a vibrant hub designed for young guests aged 6–17. Open from 9 a.m. until midnight, this club offers a wide array of games, sports, adventures, and activities. From the Sports Court to heated swimming pools, the Nautilus Club ensures that there’s never a dull moment. Certified Nautilus Club hosts trained in safeguarding children make sure that young guests are not only entertained but also well taken care of.

Exciting Experiences for Every Age

Even younger guests aged 3 to 5 can join in the fun at the Nautilus Club during dedicated time slots with activities tailored specifically to their age group. Explora Journeys provides age-appropriate toys in the suites to keep infants aged 6 to 24 months entertained and comfortable throughout the journey. The club embraces technology with state-of-the-art consoles like PlayStation 5, PlayStation VR2, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, iPads, and Oculus Pro. These cutting-edge devices allow young guests to sharpen their skills and even compete in organized technology tournaments. Additionally, the Nautilus Club offers engaging facilities such as foosball and multi-game tables, a luxurious pool table designed by MBM Biliardi, a jukebox tablet connected to popular streaming platforms, an extensive selection of board games, and a multilingual digital library.

Unleash the Potential of Young Minds

Nautilus Club embraces technology to cater to the interests of tech-savvy youngsters. With state-of-the-art consoles like PlayStation 5, PlayStation VR2, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, iPads, and Oculus Pro, young guests can sharpen their skills and even compete in organized technology tournaments. The club also offers a range of engaging facilities, including foosball and multi-game tables, as well as a luxurious pool table designed by renowned Italian company MBM Biliardi. A jukebox tablet connected to popular streaming platforms, an extensive selection of board games, and a multilingual digital library further enhance the entertainment options available.

Nurturing Creativity and Social Bonds

The Nautilus Club fosters creativity and social connections among young guests. Paint art and craft play sessions enable young talents to thrive, while the entire ship becomes a playground for fun and games. A dedicated chill-out space provides a peaceful haven for young guests to unwind when relaxation is in order. Explora Journeys ensures that young travelers have plenty of opportunities to connect with new friends and create lifelong memories, both onboard and through sharing their unique journeys on social media.

A Commitment to Environmental Stewardship

In partnership with the MSC Foundation, the Nautilus Club offers a specially curated activity program focused on caring for our planet Earth and its oceans. Through immersive workshops and discussions, children and their families can learn about marine conservation, environmental sustainability, the ship’s eco-friendly practices, the impact of tourism, and community support. Explora Journeys and the Nautilus Club are dedicated to instilling a sense of responsibility and respect for the environment in the young generation.

Unbeatable Savings for Family Travel

Explora Journeys believes that unforgettable family experiences should be accessible to all. They offer exceptional savings for families journeying together. Infants aged 6–23 months sail free of charge, while children aged 2–17 years can enjoy up to 50 percent off the journey fare. To take advantage of this offer, infants and children must be registered as the third or fourth guests in the same suite. Explora Journeys is committed to making family travel affordable and memorable for everyone.

Embark on a Remarkable Journey with Explora Journeys

Step into a world of luxury, adventure, and family togetherness with Explora Journeys. Whether you seek a relaxing escape or an enriching exploration, Explora Journeys seamlessly combines comfort and excitement. From thoughtfully designed accommodations and engaging activities for all ages to a commitment to environmental stewardship, every moment of your journey will be filled with joy, discovery, and cherished memories. Get ready to embark on an extraordinary adventure that will captivate the hearts of multi-generational families. Bon voyage!

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