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Major cruises lines experiencing record bookings

Record sales days The cruise industry is rapidly recovering from nearly two years of Covid travel closures and restrictions. This doesn't mean smooth sailing yet, but it does point to a strong recovery for the industry. Royal Caribbean experienced two record sale days during end of March and early April, when it achieved the highest number of bookings in a single day, as well the highest booking volume in a single week.  In another positive sign for the industry, during the 1st quarter of 2022, Royal Caribbean's ships held 1.5 million passengers. Ruther, Carnival Cruise Line had its busiest ......

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Where has Brian been?

Many of you have emailed or called during the last few months and asked what happened to Brian? Where is he? Well, I’m here, I’m fine and right now I’m sailing on the Celebrity Equinox. Let me explain where I’ve been these last several months. It’s been quite a while since my last article. But I’m glad to be back writing again. In case you wondered what happened, well it has been a lot of things. First, in September I had surgery where my my L1 – S1 vertebrae were fused with 8 long screws and 4 rods. I’m ......

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