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Travel bookings are reaching all-time highs

After nearly 18 months of quarantining, Americans are ready to travel again and boy are they booking reservations. Pent-up demand is boosting bookings to near record highs for many companies. Since Americans haven’t traveled for over a year, they have funds available to book those dream and bucket list vacations. As Europe opens up, river cruises start sailing again, cruise lines are re-starting their fleets, and airlines are near capacity, it is not surprising that bookings across the travel industry are approaching record levels. American Express said its May bookings were at 95% of May 2019 sales. As demand ......

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Sports vacation packages for 2022/23

Cruises aren't for everyone. That's why we offer so much more. Not everyone wants to go on a cruise for their next vacation. Our clients have a vast array of interests ranging from culinary, wine, history, architecture, adventure, romance and sports. Many of you may be sports aficionados and may not realize that we offer vacation packages for many major sports events. In 2022 this list includes: Champion League Final Daytona 500 Indy 500 Kentucky Derby Masters Monaco Grand Prix ... and many more. Want to see the full list of what’s available. Check out this link: Major Sport ......

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Understanding travel restrictions in the age of Covid

Click here to see YOUR travel restrictions Understanding the current state of COVID travel restrictions is one of the top questions we get nowadays. The rules change frequently and are not consistent even within regions. To work through this confusion, we use a program called Sherpa to help guide our clients through this maze. The information is current at the moment the report is provided, but conditions can change at any time so you'll need to re-check the information prior to your travel. Search round-trip or one-way Sherpa allows us to search by connection points which is important because ......

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