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We are excited about the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection. Learn why!

RESERVATIONS OPEN FOR 2020 SAILINGS Relaxed yachting with immersive experiences It is an exciting time for sophisticated cruisers. New cruise lines are entering the market. Existing lines are adding new and more modern ships. We've got lots of choices. One of the new lines is the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection from the award-winning Ritz-Carlton brand. Known for personalized service, elevated dining and luxury accommodations on land, the Yacht Collection extends the Ritz-Carlton gold standard of service and luxury to the sea. Three custom-built ships have been ordered to launch this brand, with the first 298 passenger yacht beginning service in ......

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Secret advantages of using a travel agent to book a cruise

​Are you tired of your usual land vacations? Have you thought about trying a cruise for the first time? Great! All you need to do is make a reservation and put a deposit down. While you might think it is best to browse thru the cruise line website, find a cruise you like and then call their reservation line or start booking online. But how can you be so sure that you’re getting the best value for your money? What if there’s another option to get the best cruise deals? Or better yet, the best cruise value! ​ Here’s ......

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The new Martini Bar on the Celebrity Edge

(Transcript from video above) Wow this is certainly a very different Martini Bar. Rather than being tucked away in a corner, the Edge Martini Bar is big (spanning three decks), bold (with its multi-story LED lights which are synchronized with music twice a night), sophisticated (with its elegance and style) and vibrant (it could easily be a bar in South Beach or LA). ​Whether this new design is for you depends on your perspective. The consensus has been that if you were a fan of the Solstice Class Martini Bar, you probably won't like the new design. But ......

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