Packing a copy of your complete itinerary in each piece of checked luggage can help save you from a vacation that devolves into a total disaster. Recent improvements by the airlines have reduced lost, misdirected, and delayed luggage, but it still happens. And if you are about to begin a cruise, you want the airline to have all the information it needs so it can get your bags to you as quickly as possible.

Help the airline get your bags to you

Almost half of delayed bags happen on flights with a connection. The shorter the connection time, the higher the chance of a delayed bag. Add weather problems, and chances of delayed bags goes higher.

Even if your bags arrive at the right destination, disasters can still happen. It happened to me when someone had a similar bag as mine, he grabbed it at the luggage carousel, and didn’t notice until the next day that he had MY luggage. Unfortunately, I’m not the first and nor the last person that this happened to.

Also don’t rely solely on the airlines baggage tags. Airline luggage tags can become damaged or accidentally torn off by the automated baggage systems or baggage handlers. Having your itinerary inside your luggage is an important safeguard against these problems.

Especially important for cruises

The problem gets more complicated when you are about to board a cruise ship. Now the airline not only needs to find your bags, but then they need to get your bags to one of the ports you’ll visit and have them delivered to the ship before the ship sets sail again.

Reuniting you with your luggage is made easier if the airline has all of your key itinerary details. Here is what they need:

  • Name (as it is listed on your airline ticket)
  • Home address
  • Mobile phone number (that you’ll carry with you)
  • Email address (that you can access while on the cruise)
  • Airline flights numbers, dates, and time
  • Pre-cruise hotel name, address, & confirmation number
  • Cruise line name, cruise ship, confirmation number, list of ports by date, preferably with arrival and departure times

With this information, the airlines will work with the cruise line to get your bags to you as quickly as possible. In addition to packing your itinerary in each checked bag, we recommend taking a copy with you​. Then if a problem occurs you’ll have all the information at your fingertips when you file a “Lost Bag” report with the airline. Make sure you file the “Lost Bag” report before you leave the airline terminal.

We also recommend you put on external luggage tags with ONLY your name, email address (which you can access while on the trip), and your mobile phone number (that you will carry with you on the trip). For added security, we don’t recommend putting your full home address on external luggage tags.

Our Service to Our Clients

As part of our service to our clients, we email our clients a complete itinerary with all the details that they need so they can print the itinerary at home and place a copy in each bag. In addition, we offer all of our clients an iPhone and Android app that contains all of their travel details and confirmation documents in one place right on their smartphone. It is part of how we take the extra steps to ensure our clients have a smooth and enjoyable cruise vacation.

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