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5 tips on how to avoid flight delays and cancellations

This has been a tough year for airline passengers. Almost every client we have has experienced flight cancellations, changes and/or delays. After taking billions from the federal government you would have thought we'd have a better system. But we don't. The airlines laid off, furloughed, or gave early retirement to too many of their employees. To make matters worse, they added new routes and services while knowing full well that they didn't have the staff to support their schedule. That is just unacceptable! So what is a traveler to do? Well, there are steps to take to avoid ......

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The vineyards and quaint village of Frascati, Italy

We’ve been to Rome before and explored the ruins of the Roman Forum, the Coliseum, and the Pantheon. This time we wanted to explore further out and see the Roman countryside. We chose a day excursion to Frascati, Italy, nestled in the mountains at the end of the train line. We started the morning at the Termini train station where we purchased our round-trip train ticket to Frascati. The 12-mile trip lasted about 30-minutes as we travel through Rome and started the long but steady climb to the Frascati train station. There we were met by our drivers ......

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West coast best coast? Why British Columbia, Canada is the Ultimate Romantic Destination

From the snow-capped mountains to the salty sea breeze, British Columbia sets the scene for love, no matter your interests. Spend the morning on the slopes, and the afternoon beachcombing - or skip the outdoor adventures in favor of a gastronomic one instead! Whether you’re celebrating your honeymoon with stars in your eyes or have a lifetime of love under your belt - British Columbia offers something for lovebirds of all ages, stages, and activity levels. Luxury and Urban Exploration Steamclock, Vancouver Vancouver leaves you wanting for nothing, and if your idea of romance is stunning ......

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