What is an EU digital Passenger Locator Form

Travelers to the EU may be wondering what a Passenger Locator is and why I need to complete it. Where do I find it and how do I complete it. This blog post will help to answer those questions. Recently EU  member countries required all travelers entering the EU to complete a Passenger Locator Form as part of their Covid-19 health regulations. It is  a system that facilitates EU countries in contract tracing cases of Covid-19 and notifying those who might be exposed to Covid-19. The specific form varies by country. You can find what Passenger Locator ......

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8 best cruise lines for solo travelers

Many people may think that traveling alone is not the best way to go. In reality, a solo trip can be more fun and less stressful than you would imagine! For those who are traveling on their own, there is a special kind of freedom that can be found when you book as a single traveler. Solo travelers have access to not only more space but also greater personal service from staff members and crew members alike! Plus, on a cruise ship you rarely find yourself alone. More often you are surrounded by others wherever you go. ......

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Travel requirements for vaccinated US citizens entering the EU

US citizens are allowed into most of the EU without a required 5-day quarantine. For instance, if you are traveling to Italy, a 5-day quarantine isn’t required if: 1) you have been fully vaccinated with an approved vaccine, 2) you have completed and present upon entry to Italy your EU Passenger Locator Form, 3) you have a certificate showing a negative molecular or antigenic test carried out within 72 hours prior to entry, and 4) you present your CDC Covid-19 vaccination card. US CDC approved vaccines meet EU requirements.  Types of Covid-19 tests  There two types of Covid-19 tests ......

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