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A Seine river cruise from Paris through the French countryside

A river cruise along the third-longest river in France, Seine, offers a fulfilling experience of history, art, food, and wine. Rising at Dijon, in the north-east of France, the river flows 775 km through the picturesque countryside, passing by many fascinating towns and cities until it finally empties into the English Channel. The highlight of the river cruise is Paris, the famed capital where you can experience wondrous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre as you enjoy the beautiful cafes and parks. The river’s stretch through the capital alone boasts 32 bridges – Pont Neuf being the ......

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French river cruises on the Rhône and Saône

Lyon, France Rhône River Passing through many of France’s elegant cities and eye-catching landmarks, the Rhône River offers a rich historical experience. Starting from the Rhône Glacier in the Swiss Alps – at the magnificent capital Lyon – it flows through the south-eastern region of Provence before emptying into the Mediterranean near Arles. Wonder at the grandeur of Lyon – its many cobblestone streets and medieval architecture give you an authentic taste of the middle ages. As you get lost in the magnificence of the Notre Dame Basilica, don’t forget to try out the exquisite French cuisine. Journey ......

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River cruising on the Danube

Passau, Germany on the Danube River Ranking below the river Volga in Russia, the Danube holds the title of Europe’s second-longest river. This magnificent stream of water flows gracefully through 10 countries – connecting some of Europe’s most renowned cities. A journey across the Danube provides an amazing way to experience the historical, natural, and cultural beauty of the gorgeous European landscape. Budapest, Hungry on the Danube River Starting with Hungary’s capital – dubbed as the “Paris of the East” – the picturesque city of Budapest offers a truly romantic experience. As you visit St. Stephen’s ......

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The magical river cruises of Germany – the Rhine, Moselle & Main Rivers

Burg Eltz, Germany The Rhine, Main, and Moselle rivers offer a magical tour of Germany’s history and cultural elegance. The best way to take in the captivating beauty of the vintage German towns, historic castles, and elegant vineyards is through an amazing river cruise. Each river provides its own set of scenic attractions and adventures that will take you back in time. Rhine Besides being one of the longest rivers in Europe, the Rhine River has unmatched cultural and natural beauty. The Rhine borders the fabled lush and fertile Black Forest to its south and west, while miles ......

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Why should I take a river cruise?

From time to time, regular ocean cruisers ask whether a river cruise might be right for them. These are typically seasoned ocean cruise travelers who are looking for something a bit different. I tell them river cruises are a great option to consider. Here’s 10 reasons why: Fewer fellow passengers - Most river cruise ships hold only 100 - 200 passengers, unlike ocean cruise ships which hold between 3,000 – 5,000 guests. On a river cruise you are likely to meet all the guests onboard which creates a sense of familiarity and community. With fewer guest, crew can get ......

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