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Coronavirus – my perspective

​Not surprisingly, I’ve been getting calls over the past few weeks about the coronavirus. It is an issue of concern that we should all take seriously, but not panic over. I am not a doctor and not giving medical advice. After reading many articles by health experts, the cruise line industry, and public health experts, here is my take on coronavirus: How Does the Coronavirus Affect My Cruise Plans 1) THE SITUATION IS CHANGING ALMOST DAILY This is a new virus and health professionals are still learning about how it spreads, who is most at risk, what treatments are ......

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These passport problems will ruin your vacation

Many travelers mistakenly believe once they have a valid passport they are good to travel the world. They aren't aware of a variety of foreign requirements and assume if there are any the airline, cruise line or a travel agent will notify them. All too many people learn the hard way that it is their responsibility to learn the rules. Here are the TOP FIVE Reasons Your Passport May Be Rejected 1) Your Passport Expires Too Soon Your Passport Expiration Date May Need 90 or 180 Days Beyond Your Return Date This is one of the most confusing and ......

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