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Wave Season is starting – savings are now

Each year January is the start of "Wave Season" in the cruise industry. Why does that matter to you? It is when the cruise lines offer some of their best deals of the year. Typically you'll get the best deals on cruises over a year in advance. Interested in saving? Give us a call and we can give you more information. Our January issue of "Cruise Insights" will have more information. However, some cruise lines have announced and offered "Wave Season" deals in December. Here are some: Azamara - 20 - 40% discount off standard rates on most cruises ......

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The haunting ruins of Pompeii

During an Azamara Cruise we had a port stop in Sorrento, Italy, and while Sorrento is a charming old city perched on cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean, we wanted to visit the once thriving ancient city of Pompeii. As you’ll soon learn, it is a visit that everyone should take. Steep cliffs in Sorrento, Italy ​I should note that the drive from Sorrento to Pompeii is not for the faint of heart. The road hugs the mountain cliffs with steep vertical drops. We had expected Pompeii to be a lot like many ruins we have seen before - ......

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