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What is “sophisticated cruising?”

Being sophisticated is a lifestyle choice committed to living life with grace, having respect for others, and having a curiosity to discover the world and the people in it. Being sophisticated isn't about money, power or formal education. The television show "The Beverly Hillbillies" made us laugh and showed us that money itself doesn't bring sophistication. You may ask, "Why should I want to be sophisticated?" The answer is simple. Sophistication is about having grace, respect for others, and a strong desire to continually expand yourself beyond where and what you are right now. And if you are on ......

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The Sun Travel Group announces launch of new brand – Sophisticated Cruising

The Sun Travel Group will launch a new suite of travel sites build around delivering concierge travel services to the "sophisticated" traveler.  A sophisticated traveler is one who lives life with grace, has a respect for other people and cultures,  and has a strong curiosity to discover the world and the people in it. Typically they are busy travelers who like to be pampered, and who demand professional & concierge level service and attention to detail so they can enjoy an incredible get-away from their regular routine. Brian Raymond, owner of the Sun Travel Group said, "Our customers have worked ......

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