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Being sophisticated is a lifestyle choice committed to living life with grace, having respect for others, and having a curiosity to discover the world and the people in it.

Being sophisticated isn’t about money, power or formal education. The television show “The Beverly Hillbillies” made us laugh and showed us that money itself doesn’t bring sophistication.

You may ask, “Why should I want to be sophisticated?” The answer is simple. Sophistication is about having grace, respect for others, and a strong desire to continually expand yourself beyond where and what you are right now. And if you are on a cruise, isn’t that the type of person you’d want to meet?

Innate in sophisticated cruisers is a sense of wonder in the world, and a desire to experience it first hand and up close. A sophisticated cruiser is confident and fun to be around, has interesting stories to share, and has a genuine interest in others.

So when we cruise, we aspire to be sophisticated cruisers and hope to meet other similar people. And luckily for us, we have be so fortunate to meet so many wonderful and delightful sophisticated cruisers, and to explore many far flung regions of this great earth.

Here are the key traits of a sophisticated person:

1) Respectful of other people, cultures & the destinations visited – Treats others with respect, and enjoys meeting other similarly respectful people. Appreciates the differences between various cultures. Feels an obligation to protect and preserve the places visited so that future travelers can enjoy them too.

2) Interested in the world beyond themselves – Wants to know what’s happening in the world. Travels to expand their knowledge and understanding of people, cultures, the arts, history, and architecture. Appreciates the wonders of nature beyond their local experiences.

3) Posses an inquisitive mind seeking to advance their knowledge – Seeks to continually learn and grow. Well informed and likes to share stories (without boasting or boring others) and likes to hear similar stories from other people. Values listening with an open mind. Are cultured, but never snobby. Relishes the opportunity to learn from others without ever feeling superior.

4) Has worked hard to achieve what they have and seeks to enjoy the fruits of that effort – Has worked long and hard in life, and made sacrifices to achieve what’s been accomplished. Enjoys reaping the rewards of these efforts through an elevated experience in accommodations, service, and the quality of food & drink. Doesn’t want just a cruise, but wants a sophisticated experience.

Sophisticated cruising is the opportunity to discover the world, meet incredibly interesting people from beyond your home, and the chance to step back from your hectic lives to experience the wonders of this world.

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