UPDATE: Celebrity “Always Included” offering includes beverages

Celebrity has changed it pricing. It now includes it Classic Beverage package as part of its “Always Included” sales offering. In addition to including it Classic Beverage package, the “Always Included” program includes free WiFi and gratuities. Suite guests receive the Premium Beverage package.

Guests still have the option of requesting a bare bones fare with noting included.

NOTE: On December 17, 2019, Celebrity Cruises dropped the surcharge on the “Classic Beverage” perk.
The option to get a free Classic Beverage Package included as a perk with your cruise fare has been popular with many Celebrity Cruise passengers. But starting October 10, 2019, Celebrity will add a $14.00/day per person surcharge to your cruise fare, adding an extra $196 to your seven night cruise for two passengers choosing the “Classic Beverage” perk.

 Celebrity stated, “Since we began offering perks, we have not increased package pricing for our guests. We’ve been absorbing the increased cost and utilization of beverage perks for some time, and are now updating the fare to reflect this.”

This surcharge does not apply to Suite guests who select the 4 Perks fare which includes the “Premium Beverage” package.

The Perks Were Never “Free”

It should be noted that while Celebrity ads and promotions have offered 1, 2, 3 or 4 FREE perks for a long time, these perks were never free. A simple search for the same cabin on the same cruise without any perk versus with perks, would always show the same cabin without any perks was always lower than that same cabin with perks. Staterooms with “Free Perks” were always offered at a higher fare price but did offer guests good savings versus paying for the perks separably (adding a beverage package, unlimited WiFi, or paying gratuities at the end of the cruise). The perks offer a value savings, they just weren’t free.

Add-on Beverage Package Not Affected

Also, this surcharge does not apply to guests who choose to add on a standalone beverage package. The Classic Package is $59/person per night, while the Premium Beverage Package is $69/person per night.

Whether a perk is right for you means doing the math. A good travel adviser helps their clients understand their options and which options give their clients the best value. We do this with all of our clients.

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