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What’s included on a river cruise? Is it all-inclusive?

One question that always comes up about river cruises is "What's include in the cruise price?" Well it depends on the river cruise line. Some river cruises are more all-inclusive than other. It is a way for some cruise lines to differentiate themselves. It is also a way for some lines to offer a lower price, or for the unsuspecting, the appearance of a lower price. So before booking a river cruise, be sure to make sure you understand what is included. What's included in the base fare shouldn't be the only consideration. But for some it is an ......

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Tips for flying with pets onboard

We've traveled around the world with our pets. In fact our pets have flown more air miles than many people. But it is important to understand the right way to fly with your pets. Here are some of the tips we've learned over time: Check with your vet Ask your vet if it is OK to fly with your pets. Your pets may have illnesses, conditions, or be of an age which might making flying unsafe. Also certain types of dogs are prone to problems with flying. Check and make sure all of your vaccinations are current - some ......

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