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Cruise bookings up over 2019 as everyone wants out of quarantine

Across the board, we are seeing cruise bookings for 2021 up 9% - 15% over 2019 levels as people are anxious to escape home and live life again. Cruise lines are offering early booking savings on most cruises which further entices the home weary. Swiss bank UBS analysts reported on March 31 an increase of 9% in year over year bookings while a more recent report from Cruise Compete showed a whopping 40% increase in 2021 bookings for Asian & Alaskan cruises. Cruise Planners has seen a 15% increase with European sailings leading the way. As we've talked with ......

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U.S. Passport Office still accepting applications with limits

Contrary to several news articles, the U.S. Passport office is still accepting passport applications by mail. Late last month the Passport Office issued a statement which caused a lot of confusion. In-person & expedited applications limited For now, the Passport Office has limited in person applications and expedited applications to those with a "qualified life-or death emergency" or who need a passport for immediate international travel within 72 hours, new applications and renewals can still be mailed in. Plus, many in-person passport application acceptance offices such as libraries, clerks of courthouses, and some post offices are not accepting applications ......

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Are cruises for you?

​THERE IS A CRUISE FOR YOU! So what is fascinating about sailing on top of the waters of the world? No doubt you have met well-traveled individuals who sing the praises of cruising. For the uninitiated, the fascination with sailing on a floating city with hundreds, even thousands, of strangers may seem…well… strange. But cruising has some merit you may not have considered and you may find yourself appreciating aspects of the experience well enough to take the leap yourself! Celebrity Silk Harvest The large following cruising has garnered to itself is really due to the varied nature ......

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