8 best cruise lines for solo travelers

Many people may think that traveling alone is not the best way to go. In reality, a solo trip can be more fun and less stressful than you would imagine! For those who are traveling on their own, there is a special kind of freedom that can be found when you book as a single traveler. Solo travelers have access to not only more space but also greater personal service from staff members and crew members alike! Plus, on a cruise ship you rarely find yourself alone. More often you are surrounded by others wherever you go. ......

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A break for solo travelers on Silversea Cruises

We have several clients who are solo travelers and their biggest frustration with  cruise vacations is having to pay double for a stateroom. As much as they understand cruise lines build their financial models and therefore their pricing based on two passengers per stateroom, it feels like an extra and even unfair charge to many solo travelers. Fortunately, ultra-luxury Silversea cruises is offering a break on select cruises.   SOLO SUPPLEMENTAL CHARGE OF ONLY 25% Silversea is offering over 40 cruises with special solo/single rates with only a 10% supplement/surcharge on four 2019 sailings, and only a 25% supplement ......

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