Minimize your luggage weight

How to minimize luggage weight and pack right As the airlines make it more and more expensive to take a bag with you on a trip, it is becoming increasingly more important to pack your bags efficiently. Here are some tips: ​1) Select your clothes, then edit down what you take – Most people take too much and over pack. Choose a unified color scheme so that shirts, blouses, pants and/or dresses all work together. Then pull out all the clothes you think you will need. Now look at what you have selected and edit out some of it, ......

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Always pack your itinerary in your luggage

Packing a copy of your complete itinerary in each piece of checked luggage can help save you from a vacation that devolves into a total disaster. Recent improvements by the airlines have reduced lost, misdirected, and delayed luggage, but it still happens. And if you are about to begin a cruise, you want the airline to have all the information it needs so it can get your bags to you as quickly as possible. Help the airline get your bags to you Almost half of delayed bags happen on flights with a connection. The shorter the connection time, the ......

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How you might make it to your final destination, but your bags won’t.

Switching airlines at a connecting city can create problems for your baggageImagine checking in for your flight, checking your bags, and arriving at your destination only to learn that your baggage is spinning around on a baggage carousel at your connecting airport. Well, it happens more often than you might think and it happens when you switch airlines at a connecting city.This is going to sound very esoteric and unimportant. But, as more consumers decide to purchase airline tickets online, there is an increasing need to understand some of the rules related to “Interline Baggage” agreements between airlines. These agreements ......

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