Alaska Airline’s new safety music video

During this era of Covid-19, it is understandable that travelers have concerns about the safety of their health. Alaska Airlines has created a light-hearted up-beat video to allay some of those fears. The "Safety Dance" video features a cast of all Alaska Airlines employees. Warren Fu was the director of the video. He's done videos for other artists like, The Weeknd, Daft Punk, HAIM and Dua Lipa. The video covers a variety of safety measures the airline has taken to prevent the spread of Covid-19. If nothing else, it will bring a smile to passengers' face and defuse some ......

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La Compagnie offers all-business class service from Newark to Paris

Traveling to France just got a whole lot more comfortable with the launch of La Compagnie Airline offering all-business class flights from Newark to Paris, Monaco and Nice. With round-trip prices as low as $999 from flights from Newark to Paris, it is a deal that would be foolish to pass up. Courtesy: La CompagnieCourtesy: La CompagnieLa Compagnie is operating two new Airbus A321neo's. The 100% business-class cabin has 19 rows in a 2 x 2 configuration with seats that recline to a 175-degree angle and have a built in massage feature.Seats are equipped with a reading lamp, compartments for ......

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How you might make it to your final destination, but your bags won’t.

Switching airlines at a connecting city can create problems for your baggage Imagine checking in for your flight, checking your bags, and arriving at your destination only to learn that your baggage is spinning around on a baggage carousel at your connecting airport. Well it happens more often that you might think and it happens when you switch airlines at a connecting city. This is going to sound very esoteric and unimportant. But, as more consumers decide to purchase airline tickets online, there is an increasing need to understand some of the rules related to “Interline Baggage” agreements between ......

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Flying with pets on board

We've traveled around the world with our pets. In fact our pets have flown more air miles than many people. But it is important to understand the right way to fly with your pets. Here are some of tips we've learned over time: Check with your vet Ask your vet if it OK to fly with your pets. Your pets may have illnesses, conditions, or be of an age which might making flying unsafe. Also certain types of dogs are prone to problems with flying. Check and make sure all of your vaccinations are current - some airlines will ......

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